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Shady Asylum Presents:
Shady Tower

Shady(+) at Burning Man 2004:

Kristina, Jade, Toce, and Ron roll out the sod.

James and Josie get married in 2004.

Nap time in Shady Tower at Burning Man 2006

Burning Man 2005
2:30 and Esplanade
100' x 200'

Project Description

Shady Tower is the most recent version of an art instillation originally conceived by David Kitts and Aho Sai Mauck and built by them in Black Rock City circa. 2001. In 2004 Ron Richardson redesigned the structure has done so every year since. This year Shady Asylum will be a 24' tall pyramid, 60' on a side, constructed of steel pipe, steel rope, and agricultural shade material. On the floor we lay down 1600 square feet of live sod creating a magical place of community, restoration, and simple sensuality in the harsh enviornment of Black Rock City.  The 2007 version of Shady Tower will feature a multlevel central tower from which to view the playa, part time misters, and lights to help everyone find their way home at night. 

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